Our History

LifeQuest Church began life on November 24, 1991 as a “church plant” sponsored by North Stuart Baptist Church. The first pastor was Dr. Neal Browning, a retired missionary.

The church property was originally a private home, then in 1985, it became a Jewish Synagogue. Once the property was purchased in ’91 as church plant, thirty original members formed the core of thew newly chartered, Palm City Community Baptist Church 2 years later.

In 2000 Dr. Browning retired and the church had a few pastors looking to fill the position for a few years until John Harvey, a former youth pastor at First Baptist Church, Stuart Florida filled the position in 2003. Pastor Harvey went through a name change at the church from Countryside Baptist to the current name of LifeQuest Church. During his 10 year tenure, Pastor Harvey grew membership to approximately 80 members, built a new sanctuary and incorporated a mission statement; “Passionately pursue God and to express His Love to others.” In 2013 he resigned and went into the mission field in Haiti.

2014 was a trying year at LifeQuest church as membership dwindled down to a small core of members. The significant decline of the church body at LifeQuest had the few remaining honestly questioning if they should fight to keep the doors open. After a membership voted to keep LifeQuest as a church, Michael Thedford was invited to become an interim pastor. He fit in so well that he became pastor of LifeQuest church later that year. Since “Pastor Mike’s” tenure as lead shepard the church has grown to over 100 members and the mission statement is now “Pursuing God and Loving Others.”

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